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Designed and made exclusively for Multihulls


    Spectra nets

    Spectra nets offer unrivalled strength and low stretch with a top quality look.  Available is ultra cross silver or Black. ( Apparently the silver colour goes a golden tinge in the sun)

    Nylon/ Polyester

    Nylon nets offer an affordable alternative to the spectra nets.  Available in black and white.

    Ferrari mesh

    Ferrari mesh is very comfortable to lie and walk on, suitable for inshore or smooth waters.

    Hiraoka mesh

    Hiraoki mesh is a strong plastic coated mesh suitable for small to medium sized boats and more cost efficient than Ferrari mesh.



    A collection of tramps we've constructed with passion



    Gordon Myers has been designing and making multihull tramps for 18 years. 

    With a lifetime of experience behind him Gordon now concentrates on delivering the best multihull tramps and nets in Australia.

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